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February 24, 2022

Sea of Galilee Map

North Shore Sea of Galilee: Korazim, Tabgha, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes and Beit Saida

If you look at a map of the Sea of Galilee you will find many sites around the northern lake shore of the Sea of Galilee, Lake Kinneret, that are the archaeological remains of several towns and places where many important events recorded in the Gospels are reported to have occurred.

Sea of Galilee Map: Church of the Multiplication

David Shankbone  CC BY-SA 3.0
Church of the Multiplication

Sites of interest include Korazim, Tabgha, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, and Beit Saida (Bethsaida).  At many of these sites churches have been built to commemorate those events.

Korazim and Korazim National Park

North of Tiberias and past Kibbutz Ginossar, you will come to the archaeological ruins of the town of Korazim at Korazim National Park. The towns of Korazim, Capernaum and Beit Saida are said to have been rebuked by the Christian Savior for refusing to repent and turn back to G-d.

The ruins spread over 25 acres. In the middle of the park is the ancient black basalt synagogue of Korazim, a ritual bath called a mikveh (in Hebrew) and a carved basalt Moses seat inscribed in Aramaic, which was reserved for the community’s most respected members. Today, bar mitzvahs and weddings are often held at the ruins of this ancient synagogue. There are picnic tables surrounded by huge old jujube trees and a beautiful, very old Mount Tabor oak tree. This is a lovely place for a rest and something to eat before continuing on your way. For further information phone: (04) 693-4982.


Tabgha, called Ein Sheva in Hebrew for the seven springs that once flowed there, is on the northern edge of the Kinneret and is traditionally thought of as the site of the multiplication of the five barley loaves of bread and two fishes, as well as other Gospel stories.  A beautiful mosaic depicting the loaves and fish was found in an archaeological excavation of a Byzantine church. The Church of the Multiplication was rebuilt in the 1980’s with other fabulous mosaics of animals and plant life in the area and is now open to visitors.

In Ein Sheva there is also the Chapel of the Primacy of Peter. The resurrected Christian Savior is reputed to have appeared here to his disciples as he sat by a charcoal fire with grilled fish and bread on the banks of the Kinneret. Christians believe it was made clear at this time that Peter was now to become the disciple to lead them. The church is built over a rock said to be where the fish was grilled. For further information phone: 972-4-6678100.

Sea of Galilee Map: Capernaum Ark of the Covenant

Djampa  CC BY-SA 3.0
Capernaum Ark of the Covenant


The archaeological ruins of the Second Temple fishing village of Capernaum, called Kfar Nachum in Hebrew, are in Capernaum National Park. According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Christian Savior went to live in Capernaum. There are also remains of a beautiful 3rd/4th century Jewish synagogue here made of limestone.

There are also ruins here of a large church with striking mosaics built around what’s said to be Peter’s house. A beautiful promenade was built around the lakeshore between Ein Sheva (Tabgha) and Capernaum, about 2 miles long (3 km), and this can be a wonderful hike. Keep in mind, though, that summers at the Kinneret are very hot and humid.

A dock has been built to allow boats to sail back and forth between here and Tiberias and the fishing kibbutz of Ein Gev. It is relaxing to sail around the Sea of Galilee and try to imagine what life was like in the Second Temple period communities. For further information about Capernaum National Park Phone: (04) 679-3865.

Sea of Galilee Map: Mount of Beatitudes

Berthold Werner  Public Domain
Mount of Beatitudes

Mount of Beatitudes

Above Tabgha and Capernaum is the Mount of Beatitudes, called har ha’Osher in Hebrew, where the Christian Savior is said to have preached the Sermon on the Mount. For further information phone (04) 672-6712.


Fascinating archeological remains have been found at the El Tel site. These are believed to be for the town of Bethsaida, north of the Kinneret. Several of the Christian Savior’s disciples reputedly came from here, including Peter, Andrew, Philip and the sons of Zebedee. Like most of the other towns on your Sea of Galilee map, this was a fishing town, where a fisherman’s house was discovered, complete with fish hook, anchor and even a needle to repair nets. A cobbled street from the Second Temple period has also been excavated.

Map of the Sea of Galilee: Ruins of Bethsaida Village

Chmee2  CC BY 3.0
Ruins of Bethsaida Village

Here a blind man is said to have been healed after the Christian Savior prayed for him. There is an ongoing archeological dig here in which you can participate. For information about how to join the dig Email:

Sea of Galilee Map: Did You Know?

There are plans to build a fishing and artists’ village at Capernaum to reenact what daily life was like in the Second Temple period.

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