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February 24, 2022

A Hotel in Eilat, Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?

Vacation Rentals

You’ve made the decision; you’re going to act on your lifelong dream to visit Israel. But, now the question is what to do and where to stay.

(Photo: Christian Haugen  CC BY 2.0)Camel Riding by the Dead Sea

(Photo: Christian Haugen  CC BY 2.0)
Camel Riding by the Dead Sea

You’ll be pleased to know that  Israel offers a variety of accommodation experiences from a hotel in Eilat to vacation rentals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Vacationing just for those warm winter temperatures, sun and sand is a great option but it seems crazy not to take advantage of the opportunity to really explore. There is so much to see and do, where else can this much diversity be experienced in one small country?  From snow to snorkeling, camel riding, jeeping and hiking and that doesn’t begin to touch on the religious attractions. Diverse climates, geography, culture and more; Israel is just waiting to be explored.

Visiting Tel Aviv

A tour of Israel requires, of necessity, a visit to the major cities.  Who wouldn’t think to visit the modern city of Tel Aviv, rising out of the sand dunes to because a world class destination recognized in 2012 by MasterCard World as a “Top Destination”, the Conde Nast list as fitting the category of “Best Cities for Architecture”, the Globe and Mail’s list for the “World’s Most Creative Cities” and National Geographic as a Top 10 Beach City.

(Photo: Yaniv Ben-Arie,  CC BY-SA 2.0)Tel Aviv Beach

(Photo: Yaniv Ben-Arie,  CC BY-SA 2.0)
Tel Aviv Beach

It goes without saying that this is an impressive array of international recognition in a variety of subject areas.

Because it’s a large city, you may not, at first blush, consider vacation rentals in Tel Aviv. But, think again. After a long day sunning on the beach, it’s nice to relax in comfortable surroundings, reminiscent of home, or maybe you simply want the space a hotel room can’t provide. Who could turn down Tel Aviv vacation rentals that include places only 100 meters from the beach but close to all the action?  After all, the whole point of being in Tel Aviv is to experience the city.

Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem

Moving into the center of the country to Jerusalem, you’ll want to explore the Western Wall, take the Ramparts Walk, visit the Shuk and stroll along the Tayelet.

(Photo: Timna Zaray-Mizrahi®) Western Wall and Al Aqsa

(Photo: Timna Zaray-Mizrahi®) 
Western Wall and Al Aqsa

Fitting in some shopping on Ben Yehuda Street’s pedestrian mall and stopping to enjoy culinary treats, will make your day simply delectable.  Now, it’s time for home and a quick nap before taking in some more sights. Rest assured, vacation rentals in Jerusalem are a perfect option, providing you with the standards you are accustomed. Quality linens, American beds and those thoughtful freebies that make travelling so much fun can all be found.

A Hotel in Eilat

For a change of pace, you may want to try hotel accommodation and, one thing Israelis all know, it’s not hard to find a hotel in Eilat.  (Booking it is another story, so plan ahead if you are making the trip during the busy tourist season.)

The resort town on the Red Sea is well worth the journey south.  Israelis have chosen this as their number one destination for years and for those tourists who make the trip, there is plenty to do, see, and experience. And, because it is a resort town, you’ll have a hard time answering the question: “what’s the best hotel in Eilat?”


(Photo: Photoveq,  CC BY 2.0)
Hotel in Eilat

Looking for luxurious accommodations in a unique setting to round off the perfect exotic vacation experience? Try the Orchid Eilat Hotel with its Thai atmosphere in the Siam and Shangri-La wings.  Want state of the art amenities?  Try Dan Eilat with its beachfront setting, gourmet menus, and attention to detail, catering to your every need.

Herod’s offers Herod’s Palace, Herod’s Vitalis (a spa hotel) and Herod’s Boutique, one large complex, all 5 star, but different focuses. Herod Vitalis is for adults with no children under 18 years of age, the boutique hotel is across the road and Herod’s Palace is located right on the beach. The Herod’s Boutique Hotel is quieter and less crowded. But, you’ll find dedicated staff waiting to welcome you, sumptuous food and a standard of care

If you want to save on a hotel in Eilat, try the Hotel Pierre or Blue Hotel.  Conveniently located near the bus station, it offers lower prices for more modest rooms but friendly and welcoming staff.  You can also increase your savings while traveling by taking advantage of Baruch Haba’s limited time offering of a free phone rental in Israel.  The phone is free for 21 days, only pay for text messages and outgoing calls; a straight forward method without complicated “stuff”. If you are renting a car, maximize your savings by taking advantage of our lowest car rental rates guaranteed – savings can help maximize your vacation budget.

When you can drag yourself away from the luxurious surroundings, don’t forget to visit the dolphins at the Dolphin Reef, glimpse into the beautiful world of the Red Sea at the Underwater Observatory and try your hand at snorkeling at the protected Coral Reef Nature Reserve.

Hotel in Eilat, Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Did You Know?

A hotel in Eilat may offer substantial savings during the off season winter months. It’s worth considering.