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February 24, 2022

Camel Rides

Daniel Borman  CC BY 2.0 Camel Rides in Israel

Daniel Borman  CC BY 2.0
Camel Portrait

Camel Rides in Israel

Are you looking for a unique, one of a kind, Middle Eastern tourist experience?  Then it’s time for camel riding in Israel!  Israel camel ranches provide an unforgettable desert experience, offering an activity suitable for the whole family, with no special skills or experience required.

Camels are quieter and gentler than horses and appear to be smart enough to ‘think’ when facing a new challenge. Unlike horses, camels’ hooves do not need to be shod and their soft hoof leaves limited environmental impact on the ground.  Domesticated for thousands of years in Arabia, Mongolia, and Turkestan, camels can traverse long stretches of desert without needing food or water, due to the large amounts of fat stored in their humps.

Camel Ranch Israel

Mamshit Camel Farm, also known as the Negev Camel Ranch, is a popular destination to experience camel rides in Israel and recently celebrated 25 years in business.  Located in the Negev close to the Kurnub ruins, the ranch is 30 minutes from Beer-Sheva, 45 minutes from the Dead Sea, and just two hours from Tel Aviv.  Activities include camel riding, tours, and camel safaris through the Negev Desert. A two-day tour is available those aged 10 and over. The camels are raised and trained on location and guests will enjoy the specially designed saddles.  Equipment and food is provided for longer stays on the desert.   Admission to the camel ranch is free.  Tours should be pre-booked.

Mark A. Wilson  CC BY-SA 3.0 Israel Camel Riding

Mark A. Wilson  CC BY-SA 3.0
Traveling together

Camel Ranch Eilat, just 10 minutes from Eilat in Nachal Shlomo, was founded in 1987 and is known as for its family friendly camel riding in Israel.  The Camel Ranch offers several shorter camel riding sessions, including 30 minutes or less, two hours, and ½-day tours with a professional Israeli guide in either English or Hebrew. Tours can be arranged for families, groups or organizations. Children under 7 years of age ride with an adult in a specially designed camel saddle.  The ½-day or four-hour tour offers magnificent views of the Eilat Mountain range and a light “Bedouin style” meal of cheese, bread and tea.

More Israel Camel Ranches

Camel Riders, located in the southern tip of Israel, provides slow-paced journeys suitable for all ages with tours from 90 minutes to six days, the latter allowing complete immersion into the desert experience.  Starting out from Sharharut Inn, visitors will experience firsthand the tranquil desert views from the 450-meter above sea level location.



Families with young children can take advantage of the “Taste of the Desert” camel rides.  90 minutes in length.   To experience the desert more fully, try “A Summer’s Night” camel ride which starts at sunset and arrives back at noon.  Meals served on longer trips are bonfire-cooked vegetarian.

Genesis Land, a 15 minute drive from Jerusalem on the way to the Dead Sea, offers visitors a taste of the Bible through a number of interesting experiences including parchment writing, pita baking, creating a mosaic, pottery making, kosher meals, jeep rides and camel rides.

Visitors can experience Bedouin hospitality at Kfar Hanokdim, a small oasis between the city of Arad and Masada while enjoying short camel rides of 40 minutes duration.  Rides are for ages 5 to 67 and must be done in pairs.

Camel Rides: Did You Know?

A thirsty camel can drink 40 gallons of water!


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